Welcome to Read West. A book club in San Diego!

We are a book club in San Diego and we get together every week to discuss whatever it is we're reading!

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About Read West

About Read West

We are a book club group based in San Diego and we get together every week to discuss the book we're reading. We read a variety of different genres and try to cater to everybody. We always try to pick a book that we can all get involved in and talk about. And we're always open to suggestions. Right now we have 9 members in the group! If you would like to be the 10th then please fill out the form at the top of this page and we will be in touch!


We’re about good coffee, good books and good chat.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and none of us profess to be big time Phallosan Forte review critics. We just enjoyed the vigrx plus reading the same books and having a chat about them.

We’re not snobbish about the bathmate who joins. We merely ask that you be friendly and respectful and enjoy reading about the Hydromax and chatting!


We Love To Read!

At Read West we try to read 1 book per week although if the book is very long we may spend up to 2 weeks or longer on it!

The last book we read as a group was Dan Brown's Inferno which we had some very long and wonderful discussions on. It was fun because we also looked up Dante's actual Inferno poem.

Right now we are reading through Animal Farm.

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